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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vexim Continues Its Development and Sets up in Germany to Directly Market the SpineJack® Range

TOULOUSE, France - Vexim, a Med-Tech company that specializes in minimally invasive treatment of vertebral fractures (called “minimally invasive anatomical restoration”), announces the creation of its German subsidiary in Ulme (between Stuttgart and Munich). Vexim GmbH will be responsible for promoting and marketing the SpineJack® range in Germany, in addition to training German physicians.

Germany is one of our key markets and we have decided to directly market SpineJack from February 2012 so as to ensure that our rollout and training plan is a success but also to maximize profits on German soil,” declared Vexim’s CEO Vincent Gardès. “The team we are recruiting will allow us to establish and maintain close relations with physicians, a necessary condition to guarantee our lasting presence in Germany.”...[PDF] Vexim's Press Release -