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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The French company Keosys, signs 10 international contracts within Clinical Research

March 2012 - The French company Keosys, signs 10 international contracts within Clinical Research - For the past 6 years, Keosys has provided expertise for oncology clinical research trials utilizing innovative solutions in medical imaging and telecommunications. Keosys’ collaboration with the academic institutions is based on the implementation of a standardized, central reading platform for the academic multicentric clinical studies at major french and european institutions. Among these: EORTC (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer), GELARC (Adult Lymphoma Study Group – Clinical Research) which is member of the European Lymphoma institutes, SFMN (French Society of Nuclear Medicine), UNICANCER (French Comprehensive Cancer Centers group), and VUmc (VU University medical center).

Medical imaging harmonization and standardization within clinical studies.

The aim is to standardize medical imaging workflow from the patient image acquisition (based on scanner qualification process), to the expert reading/assessment (based on the development of oncology follow-up tools for therapy response evaluation). Keosys’ innovative technology succeeds in reducing phase III study costs related to exam centralization of approximately 40% compared to current institutional processes...


 ...About Keosys

 Keosys is an innovative company composed of a team of experts in medical imaging, IT and telecommunications. In 2011, after 10 years of scientific and academic collaboration within clinical research in nuclear medicine and radiology, Keosys has become a key player establishing 10 keen international partnerships with renowned institutions such as the EORTC, SNM, SFMN, and GELARC… Those partnerships are based on the supply of IMAGYS [TM] technology, medical imaging cloud services for exam centralization of patients enrolled in clinical studies (phase I-II). Medical imaging workflow via IMAGYS [TM] enables imaging exam availabilities in a timely manner offering optimized cost management in full compliance with regulation in force and the European and American GCPs (Good Clinical Practices)... [PDF] Keosys' Press Release -