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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Innovative Health Diagnostics : Results of Its IHD-Amy Blood Tests for Alzheimer’s Disease

July 18, 2011 - PARIS & STRASBOURG, France - Best results obtained to date for a blood test for Alzheimer’s disease with 83% sensitivity and 82% specificity;

Results presented to ICAD (International Conference on Alzheimer’s disease) in Paris on 17th and 18th July

Innovative Health Diagnostics (IHD), the innovative company specialising in the development of diagnostic blood tests for Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegenerative illnesses presents its first clinical results for its IHD-Amy blood test for Alzheimer’s disease.

With the IHD-Amy test, IHD is making it possible to have a diagnostic test based on a peripheral biochemical marker, which is therefore straightforward and economic to carry out, making it one of the most promising ways forward in the research into the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to this, the fact that this kind of test is carried out at an early stage means that treatment can be followed through far more efficiently, and also means that patient hospitalisation can be delayed. On a longer term basis, this kind of test could be a useful diagnostic tool and a crucial element of the establishment of a proactive public health policy initiative.

The development of these tests is made possible by recent advances in medical knowledge and the discovery of fluorescent probes that can detect proteins that are specific to the disease. Just one drop of blood – 100 to 200 micro litres – is enough to carry out an analysis. These blood tests have the advantage of being quick, minimally invasive, and economic to carry out: just like the IHD-Amy test... Innovative Health Diagnostics' Press Release - communiqué de presse d'Innovative Health Diagnostics -

Monday, July 18, 2011

Theralpha : Collaboration and Business Agreement with Flamel Technologies to develop controlled-release formulation of analgesic peptide

TheralphaMay 9, 2011 - Theralpha Announces Collaboration and Business Agreement with Flamel Technologies to develop controlled-release formulation of analgesic peptide - Theralpha SAS announced that it has entered into a joint development program with Flamel Technologies (NASD: FLML) for a Medusa®-enabled, long-acting formulation of Theralpha’s THA-902. THA902 is a natural peptide that is a potent and highly specific Acid Sensing Ion Channel 3 (ASIC 3) inhibitor. It is effective in inflammatory pain animal models following subcutaneous injection and has a number of possible indications, including post-operative pain, osteoarthritis pain and fibromyalgia. The development agreement has been structured to leverage Theralpha’s pioneering intellectual property regarding Acid Sensing Ion Channels (ASICs) and Flamel’s expertise in creating fully bioactive long-acting formulations of peptides, proteins, and other biologics.
The compound to be developed, THA902 XL, is a Medusa-based controlled-release formulation of THA 902. Flamel Technologies will be responsible for formulation chemistry with the objective to potentially improve tolerability and dosing, by reducing administration frequency, and consequently, allowing better patient compliance. Theralpha will be responsible for pre-clinical testing of THA902 XL pharmacodynamics...


...About Theralpha

Theralpha SAS is a product development-oriented company, focusing on preclinical and clinical development of new pain therapeutics. Theralpha drug candidates originate from worldwide exclusive licenses from IPMC (Institut de Pharmacologie Moleculaire, CNRS, Sophia Antipolis, France) based on research made by Professor Michel Lazdunski and his team who have pioneered the discovery of peptides found in animal venoms that selectively inhibit Acid Sensing Ion Channels (ASICs) which are directly implicated in pain signal transmission. Theralpha is also developing an analgesic venom derived peptide generated at Protherapeutics, a National University of Singapore (NUS) spin-off, and licensed worldwide to Theralpha.

Flamel Technologies
About Flamel Technologies

Flamel Technologies SA (NASDAQ: FLML) is a leading drug delivery company focused on the goal of developing safer, more efficacious formulations of drugs that adress unmet medical needs. Its product development pipeline includes biological and chemical drugs formulated with the Medusa® and Micropump® proprietary platforms. Several Medusabased products are at various clinical stages of development; Medusa’s lead internal product candidate IFN-α XL (long-acting interferon alpha-2b) is currently the subject of a Phase 2 trial in HCV patients. The Company's has developed FDA- and EMA-approved products and manufacture Micropump-based microparticles. Flamel Technologies has collaborations with a number of leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including Baxter, GlaxoSmithKline (Coreg CR®, carvedilol phosphate), Merck Serono and Pfizer... [PDF] Theralpha's Press Release -

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CALIXAR presented its team, technologies and current developments

 CALIXAR 07/06/2011 - CALIXAR in partnership with CREALYS and CNRS presented its team, technologies and current developments during first press conference at its headquarter (Lyon- IBCP)... PDF du communiqué de presse CALIXAR -


CALIXAR helps pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies as well as academic life sciences organizations to preserve and resolve the original structure of proteins.

CALIXAR provides a range of services based on innovative technologies for extraction, solubilization, stabilization and crystallization of functional membrane proteins.

We improve the performances of high throughput screening and structure-based drug design approaches, the production of vaccines, biodrugs and biomarkers.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stryker Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Privately-Held Memometal Technologies S.A. for $162 Million

Memometal TechnologiesJune 6, 2011- Stryker Corporation (NYSE:SYK) announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Memometal Technologies S.A. (Memometal) in an all cash transaction for $150 million and up to an additional $12 million of milestone payments. France based Memometal develops, manufactures and markets products for extremity indications based on its proprietary methods for preparing and manufacturing a shape memory metal alloy. Memometal is rapidly establishing its differentiated technology in the global extremity device market with a broad range of products for the foot and ankle as well as the hand and wrist market. With sales in 2010 of roughly $30 million, Memometal's differentiated, comprehensive and proprietary product portfolio will allow Stryker to gain broader access into the fast growing extremities market... Stryker's Press Release -


About Memometal Technologies

MEMOMETAL is a company based in France that designs, manufactures and markets implants consecrated to hand and foot orthopaedic surgery. As specialists in shape memory alloys, we are in total control of manufacturing procedures and thus ensure optimum monitoring of our products to achieve the best results for patient safety.

MEMOMETAL is renowned for its revolutionary products that have been adopted by some of the best world-known surgeons. The company is present in over 80% of the international market with subsidiaries in the USA, Germany and United Kingdom, together with a sales office in Switzerland and worldwide distributors. Our complete range of unique and innovative products , combined with our exceptional quality of service, provide complete satisfaction and contribute to your successful reputation... Memometal Technologies' Mission -