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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GenoSplice technology : A new publication is available in PubMed

GenoSplice technology2010/04/20 - A new publication from GenoSplice is available in PubMed - We applied our EASANA® platform to analyze the effect of estrogen treatments on the gene expression regulation at the exon level on a breast cancer cell line (collaboration with INSERM and the Curie Institute)... GenoSplice technology's news -

GenoSplice - Corporate Profile

GenoSplice technology is a privately held biotech company leader in transcriptomic data analysis.

The company provides bioinformatics services for international academic laboratories, biotechs and pharmas (e.g., Curie Institute, Pasteur Institute, University of Cambridge, University of Kentucky, Howard Hugues Medical Institute…) and is the Official Service Provider of EURASNET, the European Network of Excellence on Alternative Splicing (gathering 41 research teams from 11 European countries, as well as the USA, Israel and Argentina).

GenoSplice is involved in several international partnerships with industries and academics institutes.

GenoSplice technical developments are focused on development of innovative useful and powerful solutions to take full advantage of new technologies such as high-throughput sequencing. Finally, the company develops R&D projects in collaboration with clinicians in order to identify molecular biomarkers from alternative splicing in cancer... GenoSplice technology : Corporate Profile -

Thursday, April 22, 2010

INNOPSYS : Mapix Version 5.0.0

INNOPSYSFeb 24, 2010 : Mapix Version 5.0.0 - Mapix® is a microarray image analysis software application that is both intuitive and easy to use, combining imaging and analysis tools for superior performance. Mapix® offers all the very latest features for rapid microarray analysis with a high degree of reliability and optimum productivity... Innopsys' news - version française -

INNOPSYS supplies instruments for the biotechnology research, healthcare, agri-food, environment and defence markets.
Our products include a range of microarray scanners InnoScan® developped to combine performance with cost-effectiveness and microarray image analysis software Mapix® intuitive and easy-to-use.
The products we have recently brought to market are already attracting most of the major French research institutes (CNRS, INSERM, Toulouse Genopole, ...)... INNOPSYS overview -

Imaxio : installation of the new Illumina Ultra High Throughput genotyping platform in its enlarged Clermont-Ferrand facilities Lyons

ImaxioLyons and Clermont-Ferrand (France), February 1st, 2010 - The biopharmaceutical company Imaxio has announced the installation of the new Illumina Ultra High Throughput genotyping platform in its enlarged and refurbished laboratories in Clermont-Ferrand. This technology will allow Imaxio’s customers and partners to access a new platform for ultra high throughput genotyping studies which will perfectly fit with the genomic DNA chips platform from Agilent Technologies and quantitative PCR apparatus from Applied Biosystems, which are already in place. A new Illumina Next Generation Sequence module for very high throughput DNA sequencing will be installed later this year in the second quarter.
Since 2006, Imaxio offers its partners and customers a wide range of genomic services from sample preparation to bioinformatic analysis for use in genomic diagnostics and drug discovery and development. At this stage, Imaxio is proud to collaborate closely with top tier pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agro-food companies. In order to house this new platform, Imaxio has doubled its Genomics laboratory space in its Auvergne (Central France) site located in the Biopôle Clermont- Limagne, near Clermont-Ferrand. This investment has been supported by the Department of the Puy-de-Dôme and FEDER.
About Imaxio:
Imaxio is based in Lyons and Saint-Beauzire (near Clermont-Ferrand) in France and has 21 highly qualified employees. The company has programmes in the areas of oncology and infectious diseases, and aims to create new recombinant vaccines and new medicines (derived from its oncology screening platform) as well as new diagnostic and prognostic tools for common cancers. Axcell BiotechnologiesImaxio was formed by the merger in 2006 of Diagnogene and Avidis, which was created in 2000 as a spin-off from the UK Medical Research Council and the University of Cambridge. Imaxio has several awarded and pending patents for the technologies aXent™, OverExpress™, Diagnogene™ and PepAptamer™. Imaxio has recently acquired the company Axcell Biotechnologies which markets the vaccine Spirolept™ to prevent human leptospirosis... [PDF] Imaxio's Press Release (French + English) -

Indicia Biotechnology : Gliadys project with IDD Biotech

Indicia BiotechnologySeptember 2009 : Gliadys project - In collaboration with IDD Biotech, Indicia launches a new project, based on therapeutic antibodies against different glioma forms...Indicia Biotechnology's News - (french version) -

IDD International Drug Development

Indicia Biotechnology is committed to offering the bio-industries solutions in R & D and manufacturing by providing a complete range of comprehensive services in the areas of :
- immuno-diagnostics,
- microbiology,
- and sterile reagents... Indicia Biotechnology's Company profile -

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The VECtoBrain project coordinated by VECT-HORUS

VECT-HORUSJune 2009, VECT-HORUS is a laureate of the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) BiotecS 2009 call for proposals. The VECtoBrain project coordinated by VECT-HORUS (Dr. Patrick Vlieghe) will receive over €1 million and will involve research partners from the CNRS (UMR 6184, Dr. Michel Khrestchatisky), INSERM (U705, Pr. Jean-Michel Scherrmann) and CEA (SIMOPRO, Dr. Vincent Dive). Project title: Peptide vector-based drug targeting to the central nervous system. This project also received support (label) from the EUROBIOMED Biocluster. VECT-HORUS' News -

VECT-HORUS is a French biotechnology company focused on developing vector molecules and vectorized drug-candidates that will open new avenues for drug delivery to the central nervous system (CNS, brain and spinal cord) and treatment of CNS diseases.

VECT-HORUS’ breakthrough vector technology is dedicated to enhance drug targeting and delivery to the diseased CNS for the treatment of pathologies which represent the second therapeutic area on the pharmaceutical market in terms of sales turnover. VECT-HORUS develops vector molecules for conjugation with drugs or drug-candidates that normally cannot enter the brain.

VECT-HORUS’ strategy is to leverage its CNS drug targeting platform to create patentable New Chemical Entities (NCEs) that cross the blood brain barrier (BBB). Such compounds will be out-licensed to (bio)pharmaceutical companies once proof-of-therapeutic efficacy or preclinical proof-of-principle is established... VECT-HORUS - Overview -

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Key-Obs will be present at Eunethydis ADHD Conference, Amsterdam, 26-28 May 2010

Key-ObsKey-Obs will be present at Eunethydis ADHD Conference, Amsterdam, 26-28 May 2010 - Key-Obs' news -

About Key-Obs, partner for in vivo research,
Key-Obs is a preclinical Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specialized in central nervous system.
Key-Obs offers in vivo models to evaluate drug efficacy and behavioural tests dedicated to the phenotyping of transgenic mice.
To provide our research expertise to your R&D projects, in order to progress efficiently toward the clinical studies...Key-Obs Website -

Physiogenex to present at the KinMet 2010 & ATVB 2010 annual conference in San Francisco, April 7th-10th, 2010

physiogenex Physiogenex to present at the KinMet 2010 & ATVB 2010 annual conference in San Francisco, April 7th-10th, 2010 -Physiogenex will present the effects of CETP inhibitor torcetrapib on macrophage-to-feces reverse cholesterol transport in the obese insulin resistant CETP-apoB100 transgenic mice.
Physiogenex will present the effects of CETP inhibitor torcetrapib on macrophage-to-feces reverse cholesterol transport in the obese insulin resistant CETP-apoB100 transgenic mice.
The recent development of this animal model enabled to demonstrate that a diet induced obesity/insulin resistance in CETP-apoB100 transgenic mice severely impairs macrophage-to-feces reverse cholesterol transport and that torcetrapib has the potential to stimulate this anti-atherogenic process... Physiogenex's Press Release -
About Physiogenex
Physiogenex is a renowned CRO biotechnology leader specializing in metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. In this focused niche market we offer dedicated in-house and R&D customized solutions designed to help our partners optimize their drug discovery and preclinical development on a fee-for-service basis.
Physiogenex pioneers the development of radiotracer-based kinetic methods and predictive animal nutritional models, thus providing our partners with the pertinent and reliable discovery and preclinical data they need for successful strategic decision-making. Physiogenex has rapidly achieved global player status by virtue of its unique expertise covering complex metabolic disorders associated with diabetes, obesity, lipid disorders, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases... Physiogenex - Company overview -

IPSOGEN : Option to Acquire License on TET2 abnormalities to improve the Diagnosis of Blood‐based Disorders

IPSOGENMarseille, January 25th 2010 ‐ IPSOGEN (Alternext ‐ FR0010626028 ‐ ALIPS), a cancer ‘profiler’ that develops, manufactures and markets molecular diagnostic tests for leukemia and breast cancer, announces the signature of an option agreement for the worldwide and exclusive license on genomic abnormalities in the TET2 gene . The scientific corpus supporting these TET2 patent rights has been developed by a consortium of 7 public institutions led by IGR&D, the technology transfer affiliate of Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR). The identification of genomic abnormalities in TET2, which serves as a tumor‐suppressor gene, represents a breakthrough in the understanding of the origin of myeloid disorders. These abnormalities could potentially serve as a biomarker to provide clinically useful information regarding classification and prognosis of these disorders, and predisposition to develop leukemia...
...About IPSOGEN
Ipsogen, Cancer Profiler, develops and markets molecular diagnostic tests designed to map diseases in order to guide patients and oncologists’ decisions along their complex therapeutic path. With more than 70 references already used routinely worldwide for the diagnosis, prognosis and follow‐up of thousands of patients with leukemia, Ipsogen is now also targeting breast cancer. As for leukemia, Ipsogen’s goal is to provide diagnostic information that was not available until now. Ipsogen is also a partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies committed to the development of “companion diagnostic tests”. Strengthened by its first‐rate scientific, clinical and technological partnerships, in addition to its highly skilled multidisciplinary team in France and the USA, Ipsogen is striving to become the leader in molecular profiling of cancers. It continues its efforts to identify, develop and commercialize diagnostic tests that will become standard references and will have a significant impact on patients, medical professionals and society. Ipsogen employed 60 people as of June 30, 2009. Its headquarters are located in Marseille, France. The company also has a subsidiary, Ipsogen Inc., in New Haven, CT, USA... [PDF] IPSOGEN's Press Release -

Thursday, April 8, 2010

NOKAD has closed a second round of financing for 1.6 millions euros

NOKADOctober 19th, 2009 - Amine Abina, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nokad, announced that NOKAD has closed a second round of financing for 1.6 million euros from new venture capital shareholder, SHAM, and existing venture capital shareholders, CapDecisif Management and G1J Ile-de-France. The raised funds will help NOKAD to prepare its first clinical trial for the treatment of congenital thrombocytopenia, and continue the expansion of its in vivo target validation platform... NOKAD's Press Releases - PDF du communiqué de presse NOKAD-

Nokad is a biotech start up created in January 2004 by three experienced scientists with scientific medical, pharmaceutical and business skills. The head office and the laboratory are located at Genopole® d'Evry ( France ). Nokad developed a new technology that allows the inactivation of secreted proteins in vivo in 6 months, whatever the species required.Nokad was selected for pertinence and high potential for success by the Aventis-Institut de France Foundation in 2003 (Tremplins 2003). Nokad is supported by Genopole Entreprises.

Recent Highlights Anticipated Highlights 8 secreted targets efficiently neutralized by the protein-function-KO technology, with Rat and mice protein-Knock-Out successfully obtained. Two new patents filled in 2006 and 2007, in thrombocytopenia treatment and in a Erythropoietin-mice and -rat model. Validation of a vaccination strategy for hypertriglyceridemia in 2009... About Nokad -


Creapharm MP5October 7, 2009 - Creapharm Europe is pleased to announce the establishment of a U.S. subsidiary, Creapharm-MP5, Inc. Creapharm Europe, through its subsidiaries Creapharm and MP5 is a leading contract manufacturer of cytotoxic and other high-potency drugs in addition to clinical supply services headquartered in Europe...


About MP5
MP5 is a contract manufacturer of clinical trial materials focused on formulation, aseptic filling, and lyophilization of cytotoxics and other high potency drugs as well as biologics. MP5 has produced hundreds of batches since its inception over ten years ago and is compliant with U.S. and EU (EMEA) GMPs. MP5 is registered by the French Health Agency (AFSSAPS) for the manufacture of clinical trial materials according to the EU-GMP Annex 13 under authorization number M02/150. MP5 is committed to quality and has Qualified Persons (QPs) on staff to release product for use in the EU. MP5 uses proprietary isolator technology to ensure the highest level of sterility assurance as well as protect technicians in the manufacturing process.

About Creapharm
Creapharm is a leading clinical supply company in Europe. Creapharm offers Phase I-IV clinical manufacturing, packaging and labeling as well as clinical inventory management, and cold chain distribution with a large network of worldwide depots to meet client’s diverse clinical trial needs. Creapharm has produced over 6,000 batches since its inception...[PDF] MP5's Press Release -

Nosobio : support of Oséo-France for its antibiotic program

PalumedJuly 3rd 2009 - Palumed received a support of Oséo-France for its antibiotic program- Oséo decided to support a consortium "Nosobio", composed of 4 biotech companies (Palumed, DaVolterra, Serial Genetics, Genewave) and two academic teams from Beaujon Hospital-Paris and the Pasteur Institut, focused on the fight of nosocomial infections. Three different approaches are developed by the consortium: prevention, diagnostic and therapy. The support of Oséo will help Palumed to develop its anti-MRSA drug-candidate, the vancomyquine® PA1409 over a 3-year period (2009-2011)... Palumed's Press Release - communiqué de presse de Palumed - Genewave's Press Release - PDF du communiqué de presse Genewave -


About Palumed

PALUMED S. A. is a young company founded in December 2000 to create and develop new antimalarial agents and new antibacterial molecules.

PALUMED has been named after "paludisme", the french word for malaria. PALUMED is co-owner of 6 patent applications filed between 2003 and 2007: two on antimalarials (trioxaquines®), one on new anti-schistosomiase agents, two on new antibiotics (antibioquines®) and one on new copper chelating agents... About Palumed -

Neorphys : new facility with extended space

neorphysAugust 2009 - Neorphys has relocated to a new facility with extended space... Neorphys' Press Releases -


About Neorphys

Founded in September 2005 by Dr Roger LAHANA, CEO, and Karine LARBOURET, Director of Operations, Neorphys is a company which discovers and develops novel, proprietary analgesic drug candidates with low side effects, especially with regard to gastro-intestinal transit. This is why the most advanced drug candidate is developed for visceral pain management.

Beside the co-founders, Neorphys scientists, all PhD’s or equivalent, share a strong expertise in opioids and acute pain as well as in behavioural pharmacology. They have a proven track record of success in using discovery techniques such as medicinal chemistry, cell biology, toxicology and relevant animal assays... About Neorphys -

Nanobiotix : ‘proof of concept’ for its nanoparticles in treating glioblastoma multiforme (brain cancer)

NanobiotixPARIS, April 6, 2009— Nanobiotix, an emerging nanomedicine company, announced that an independent preclinical study has validated the applicability of using its nanoparticles—nanoPDT—to treat glioblastoma multiforme, one of the most prevalent brain tumors. Nanobiotix expects to attract corporate partners for the development of nanoPDT as the Company focuses development efforts on its nanoXray technology... Nanobiotix's Press Release -


About Nanobiotix

Nanobiotix is a nanomedicine company that intends to revolutionize radiotherapy, making it more deadly to tumors while preserving the surrounding healthy tissues.

The company is a spin-off of the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo that has been incorporated in 2003 and has been primarily funded by leading European venture capital firms (Matignon Technologies, OTC Asset Management, Cap Decisif, Amorcage Rhone-Alpes).

Cancer is now becoming the leading cause of mortality in developing countries. 
Radiotherapy is the most common tool for cancer treatment and is used in 5,000,000 patients every year (representing 60% of total cancer patients)... more about Nanobiotix -