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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Syncrosome : Nausea and Emesis Models - safety evaluation of PDE4 inhibitors

Syncrosomeoct 2, 2009 ...Nausea and Emesis Models for the safety evaluation of PDE4 inhibitors

The aim of this study is the determination of the emetic profile of candidate compounds considering that emesis may impair oral absorption of drugs and have a significant negative impact on patients?... Syncrosome's Press Release - poster [pdf] -

About Syncrosome

...SYNCROSOME is a non clinical C.R.O specialized in vivo drug evaluation.

We are one of the leading company offering a wide range of in vivo services including efficacy evaluation, safety assessment, and in vivo PK studies.

You can outsource with us all of your early in vivo activity, or ask only for our expertise on specific efficacy models.
Our favorite fields are cardiovascular, gastroenterology, neurodegenerative disorders, emesis, respiratory.

Moreover, thanks to our internal Research & Developement program we are regularly developing new models and integrate new functional exploration methods.... about Syncrosome -